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 Information for Continuing Education Providers

Informational Tips for Continuing Education Providers

  • The Board pre-approves providers rather than programs and Providers are responsible for making sure their programs meet statutory requirements. 
  • The Board has the authority to audit programs offered by pre-approved providers to determine compliance with the requirements which are contained in Minnesota Statutes, section 148E.145
  • Following is a summary of these provisions.

CE Requirements Effective August 1, 2011

There are new licensing requirements, effective August 1, 2011, which can be satisfied through earning continuing (CE) education hours, and include:

  • content in the “practice of supervision”
  • “clinical” content
  • clock hours in “clinical knowledge areas”, which requires a (1) course description available for public review, and (2) post-test

Applying as a CE Provider  

Prospective sponsors of continuing education programs must submit a continuing education provider application form with the required fee to the Board office at least 30 days prior to the date of the program.  To obtain application forms print the Continuing Education Provider Application form, or contact the Board via email at for additional information.

Provider approval is valid for one year from the date of approval provided there is no substantive change in the program(s).  All pre-approved continuing education providers are listed on the Board’s website, click: List of Pre-Approved Continuing Education Providers. 


Minnesota Statutes, section 148E.180, subdivision 4 establishes the fees providers must pay.  The fee is contingent upon the number of CE hours offered for programs in a one-year period, according to the following schedule.

            1-8 clock hours                    $  50

            9-16 clock hours                  $100

            17-32 clock hours                $200

            33-48 clock hours                $400

            49 or more clock hours        $600


CE Provider Application Information Required

Information that must be provided to the board includes (1) the name of the continuing education provider, (2) the address, telephone number, and e-mail address of a contact person, (3) a signed statement that indicates the provider understands and agrees to abide by the criteria specified in subdivision 3, and (4) a signed statement that indicates the provider agrees to furnish a certificate of attendance to each program participant.

Program documentation should not be submitted with your CE Provider Application.  You must retain the program documentation for three years following the end of each program offered.  Documentation should only be submitted if you receive notification from the Board that your programs are being audited.

Board Approval 

The board must approve a continuing education provider who (1) submits a completed application to the board, (2) pays the appropriate provider fee, and (3) attests to compliance with the Board’s CE program criteria.  An approval is valid for one year from the date the application is approved.


Criteria for Programs Offered 

A provider must employ the following criteria in determining whether to offer a program:

(1) whether the material will promote the standards of practice described in sections 148E.195 to 148E.240,

(2) whether the material will contribute to the practice of social work,

(3) whether the material is intended for the benefit of practicing social workers, and

(4) whether the persons presenting the program are qualified in the subject matter. 

(5) The materials must not be primarily procedural or primarily oriented towards business practices or self-development.

Ethics Content

At least two of the clock hours required by the Board at the time of application for license renewal must be in social work ethics.


Information Required to be Maintained by the Provider

For three years following the end of a program, the provider must maintain the following information:

  • title of the program;
  • description of the content and objectives of the program;
  • date of the program;
  • number of clock hours credited for participation in the program;
  • program location;
  • names and qualifications of the primary presenters;
  • description of the primary audience the program was intended for;
  • a list of the participants in the program.


The board may audit programs to determine compliance with the requirements.  A provider audited by the board must provide the documentation specified in subdivision 5.

Ways of Approving Clock Hours

As stated in Minnesota Statutes, Section 148E.135, clock hours required under Section 148E.130 must be approved in one or more of the following ways:

  • the hours must be offered by a continuing education provider approved by the board;
  • the hours must be offered by a continuing education provider approved by the Association of Social Work Boards;
  • the hours must be earned through a continuing education program approved by the National Association of Social Workers; or
  • the hours must be earned through a continuing education program approved by the board.

For additional information, see Continuing Education Information.



The Minnesota Board of Social Work is an affirmative action / equal opportunity employer.
The Minnesota Board of Social Work does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color,
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