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 Frequently Asked Questions About Supervision
Q.  How does the Board determine when a person must be licensed?
Q.  My employer does not require me to be licensed, so how can the Board require me to be licensed?
Q.  I want to hire a student in a social work program. May I do that?
Q.  When can I begin to practice social work?
Q.  What does “Practice of Social Work” mean?
Q.  What do social work services address?
Q.  What do social work services include?
Q.  What is supervision?
Q.  What are the supervised practice requirements?
Q.  What are the LSW supervised practice requirements?
Q.  What are the LGSW supervised practice requirements?
Q.  Do I need supervision if I have not yet taken a social work practice position?
Q.  I have just obtained my license and started a social work position.  What supervision requirements must I meet?
Q.  I am practicing in a part-time capacity.  How does that affect my supervised practice requirement?
Q.  If I am practicing in more than full-time capacity and I am receiving more the maximum amount of supervision required per month for full-time practice, will it count towards the supervision requirement?
Q.  When does my supervised practice begin to count?
Q.  Who can supervise me to meet the licensure requirement?
Q.  What is clinical social work?
Q.  What if my agency does not provide licensure supervision?
Q.  How do I locate a supervisor who is appropriately licensed to provide supervision?
Q.  What documentation does the Board require to verify supervision for my practice?
Q.  This is my first time submitting a Supervision Verification form.  What should I do?
Q.  What are some common problems made in documenting supervised practice that result in a delay in the review process?
Q.  What is the best way to submit documentation if I have more than one position or more than one supervisor?
Q.  I am a social work supervisor completing the Supervision Verification form for the first time.  What should I do?
Q.  Do I need to report supervision if I have been unemployed, out on a medical leave, or not working in a social work position for a portion of the renewal cycle?
Q.  What if I cannot locate a former supervisor to provide the verification?
Q.  What licenses are authorized for clinical practice?


 Current Supervisor and Supervised Practice Requirements Minimize
For details regarding the increased Supervisor and Supervised Practice Requirements, effective August 1, 2011 click:

Requirements for Social Worker Licensing Supervisors

LSW Supervised Practice Requirements

LGSW Non-Clinical Supervised Practice Requirements

LGSW and LISW Clinical Supervised Practice Requirements

For details regarding the Alternative Supervisor Requirements, effective August 1, 2012 click:

Alternate Supervisor


The Minnesota Board of Social Work is an affirmative action / equal opportunity employer.
The Minnesota Board of Social Work does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color,
creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, public assistance, age, sexual orientation, or
membership on a local human rights commission.

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