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 Inactive License - Emeritus License Option

Inactive License:  Emeritus License Option


As stated in Minnesota Statutes, Section 148E.075, subdivision 1 (c), you may apply for an emeritus license if you are retired and do not intend to resume social work practice in any setting in Minnesota.

  • While holding an emeritus license, you may not practice, attempt to practice, offer to practice, or advertise or present yourself as authorized to practice social work in any setting in Minnesota and must state that your license is inactive. 
  • The Board may grant a variance to the requirements if a licensee on inactive status provides emergency social work services.  A variance is granted only if the Board provides the variance in writing to the licensee. 
  • The Board may impose conditions or restrictions on the variance.
  • The Board may take disciplinary or corrective action against your license based on violations of applicable law or regulations of the Board.

Application Process and Fee

You may apply for emeritus license as an alternative to applying for the renewal of a license or at any time by completing the required application.  It is most efficient and economical to apply at the time of license renewal, because the full emeritus license fee is assessed and you will not receive a refund of any unused portion of a previously paid renewal fee.  The one-time fee for emeritus licensure at all levels of licensure is $43.20.


You may initiate a request to reactivate your license no later than five years following the granting of an emeritus license by submitting a written request to the Board.  You will then be mailed the necessary forms and information regarding your requirements. 

Additional Information

For additional information on reactivating your license, see Reactivation of License.  If you have additional questions, or need application materials, contact the Board via email at


Revised 8/2011



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